One of the most common services that our customers request from us is our branch trimming service. We live in such a beautiful and scenic area that it would be a shame to look out of your backyard window and have an immaculate view blocked by a few pesky branches. As a service to you, we want to be the ones who help you out with removing those branches!

Some people feel that branch trimming is something one can do on one’s own. However, we’d like to list several reasons why you should sit back, relax, and leave that job up to us!

Why you should call us


The number one reason why it is essential that you have us take care of your branches is that it is much safer for you to do so. Oftentimes, people think that they can just climb up a tree or get up on a ladder and cut the branches themselves. However, when you do this, you run the risk of falling and injuring yourself. Our staff, on the other hand, is very experienced with tree climbing and branch cutting. They have the appropriate equipment necessary for safely scaling a tree and trimming the branches. Essentially, we safely do the risky business so that you don’t have to!

Tree health

If you aren’t careful, you can harm a tree by cutting the branches incorrectly. Additionally, if you scrape off too much bark while climbing the tree, then you eliminate the tree’s built in defense. This can put the tree at great risk for disease or attack from insects or other animals. Our equipment that we use is specially designed to make sure that the tree is safe and unharmed during the entire branch cutting process. Additionally, cutting a branch incorrectly can diminish the health of the tree. Our experts know how to do it right!